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Electrical Wiring Tool Kits    also see  Wiring Testers   and   Wiring Tools

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Terminal Crimp Tool w/ 100pc Terminal Assortment
Includes #1240 terminal crimping multi tool and 100 pc most popular terminal assortment in a large storage box. Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 10.99


37 Pc Automotive Electrical Tool & Test Kit
Multi-Tool (Cut, Strip, Crimp), 6 to 24 Volt Automotive Voltage Tester, Electrician Pliers, Miniature Screwdriver Set, Electrical Tape and popular terminal assortment in storage case. Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 14.99


4 Pc Automotive Test & Strip Tool Kit
Includes adjustable wire stripper, 6 to 24 Volt automotive voltage tester, Miniature Screwdriver set. Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 4.99

# 5205

154 Pc Multi-Tester Wiring Kit
150 pieces Plus 13 Range Multi-Tester & Manual, Insulated test probes, Adjustable wire stripper, 9" Terminal Crimping Multi Tool. Insulated, butt splices, Insulated terminals, Wire caps, Insulating grommets, PVC Tape, Cable Ties, Quick Splices. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99

# 5206

602 Pc Cable Wiring Harness Kit
Cable-Wiring Harness Kit - 602 pc. Keeps 600 parts neatly organized at the job site. Selection includes extra long 11" ties for larger bundles and tie mounts to secure harness. Contains: Cable Tie Gun, Long Nose Wire Stripper, Cable Ties in four sizes, four size cable clamps, self-adhesive tie mounts, spiral wrap, and insulating tape - three different colors. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99

# 5207

208 Pc Auto Emergency Electric Repair Tool Kit
Carrying case stores neatly in vehicle for emergency wiring. Multi-tool crimps 22-10 AWG insulated terminals and 7 to 8 mm ignition terminals, strips and cuts 22-10 AWG solid or stranded wire. Includes multi-tool, 12-Volt DC test light, mini screwdriver, battery terminal brush with with internal and external wire brushes, test leads, fuse puller, glass and blade fuses, primary wire, electrical tape, heat shrink tubing, butt splices (22-10 AWG), ring terminals (22-10 AWG), spade terminals (16-14 AWG), quick splices (16-14 AWG), fully insulated disconnect sets (16-14 AWG), female disconnects (16-14 AWG), wire caps, grommets, and cable clamps. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99

# 5208

161 Pc Auto Electrical Test and Repair Kit
Contents: Self adjusting wire stripper, Continuity tester, High-Low voltage tester, Test leads, Cable ties and mounts, Spiral wrap, Clamps, Ring terminals, Female push-on terminals, Coupler sets, Quick splice connectors, Closed-end pigtails, Bullet sets. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99

# 5209

306 Pc Automotive Fleet Wiring Electrical Repair Kit
Contents: Cable tie tool, Ratchet crimper, Long nose adjustable wire stripper, Butt splices, Ring Terminal, Fuse holders, Heavy duty lugs, Electrical Tape, Quick splices, Female push-on terminals, Spade terminals, Couplers, Adapters, Cable Tie Assortment.  Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 39.99

# 5221

204 Pc Electrician Wiring Repair Kit
Contents: Insulated screw driver, Adjustable wire stripper, 90-300 Volt voltage tester, Crimping Multi tool, Cable ties, Romex Staples, Insulated inline butt splices, Wire caps, Insulated terminals, Crimp caps, Electrical PVC tape, Cable Clamps. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99

# 5222

216 Pc Electrician  Wiring Repair Kit
Contents: Automatic wire stripper, Two insulated screwdrivers, 500 Volt Power probe tester, Testing clip set, Wire caps, Insulated terminals, Romex staples, Electrical PVC Tape, Cable Ties, Cable clamps. Dimensions: 11" x  8 " x  3" Manufactured by Calterm.

$ 24.99





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